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After Ramp Up –

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Once Ramp Up has been completed, some users select The ALL CAPSULES Protocol. The ALL CAPSULES choice substitutes 3 tablespoons per day of liquid Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) for a reduced ONE tablespoon serving** that is contained inside of 12 HSO capsules. Those choosing to lower the HSO intake do so because, for whatever reason, they cannot adapt to consuming 3 tablespoons of HSO as part of their daily Protocol. Included with The Protocol capsules are 3 bottles of HSO #120 1000 mg capsules, which is a one month supply, a total of #360 capsules. ** 12 capsules is 1/3 of the recommended daily HSO serving (the equivalent of one tablespoon in these 12 capsules is better than no HSO at all.

In January 2022 the new improved Protocol was introduced with the following changes:

We have replaced the Fish Oil / D3 capsule combination, added a 1000 mg Flaxseed Oil capsule (x2 daily) in its place – Flaxseed Oil is a vital plant-based source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 who’s essential fatty acids, unlike ALL others, most resemble that of Organic Hemp Seed Oil. We have returned to the B12 methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, one lozenger that you dissolve under your tongue in the morning for the greatest oral B12 absorption and bioavailability. We have moved K2 to the Midday position separating it by a couple of hours from D3, again for greater bioavailability and the Chelated Magnesium Glycinate content is being reduced from 400 to 200mg daily, 1 AM/ 1PM.


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