Charcot Marie Tooth, Peripheral Neuropathy

Most of us with Charcot recall the warm feeling with pain and redness as the first sign of a problem. On Monday, after a long day riding along with my daughter and applying my imaginary brake with my good foot, when we got home I felt pain and warmth. I was so fearful of Charcot in my good foot, but started analyzing. My feet are usually cold feeling, I have been on the protocol for a few months with decreased PN, and I realized both feet were feeling warm and not red! By morning the pain from applying my imaginary brake was gone, and I realized once again #theprotocolworks! My feet are feeling warm like they used to, and my healing ulcer is hurting a lot because I can feel it better now! Thanks for being there and listening!

This isn’t my only improvement since I’ve been on the protocol. I am sleeping sounder and more hours at night, my leg and foot cramps are improved, and my hair, nails, and skin have never looked better!

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