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Whether it is from pharmaceutical adverse reaction, chemotherapy, B6 toxicity or from a surgical or mechanical mishap or failure, your body heals better and faster naturally when it is properly nourished. Feed your body more of what it naturally needs with The Protocol 525. the Protocol 525 Reduces the Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Kick your ineffective drug habit that only creates more unpleasant and unnecessary symptoms. Eliminate your burning, unpredictable shocks, nearly all of your discomfort, and trade it in for better sleep and stamina, faster than you could have ever imagined possible. The Protocol 525 encourages your “biological operating system” to accelerate the natural process of healing – at your body’s own personal best.

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Dawn wants to share her Story

Aloha, my name is Dawn, I have been on the Protocol for 3 years now and it’s changed my life. Having foot surgery and taking an antibiotic for preventative measures led to a host of incredible illnesses including horrendous neuropathy, type one diabetes, kidney issues and I’ve had seven eye surgeries, I’ve been blind in one or both eyes several different times.

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I started the Protocol because I have severe neuropathy and was told I would be completely incapacitated within two years. It’s been about a year now and the pain has completely gone from my hands, from my feet, I’m able to sleep… and I’m always able to walk. #theprotocolworks

Leslie L.
The Protocol 525 is the vitamin and mineral supplement regimen that encourages the healthy function of the peripheral nervous system.
Join over 10,000 members and access years’ worth of research, educational videos, and one-on-one support. We tell it to you straight with no BS.
See how thousands of people just like you are recovering, having reduced or even eliminated their symptoms and discomfort completely.
The Protocol 525 repairs peripheral nerve damage using therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals that are naturally present in the body.
Each element of The Protocol 525 has been meticulously researched and demonstrated to have a positive benefit to support your body’s natural healing process.
Should I tell my doctor about the Protocol? Absolutely. share these documents with your physicians
All the elements of the Protocol and their impact on the human body are shared with everyone!

The Protocol 525 provides the necessary nutritional supplement course that will roll back symptoms, reducing the suffering of millions living with peripheral nerve damage. We have worked for more than five years augmenting and synthesizing the formula for The Protocol 525, ensuring we are providing access to the highest quality ingredients while dramatically reducing the number of individual daily servings needed.

Order one item lasting 30 days instead of 14 separate things, and eliminate the need to monitor different quantities per bottle. Subscribe to automatically receive a fresh 30-day supply every month.

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